Thangka – Samantabhadra Buddha YabYum
Handpainted Tangka with stone ground pigments of Samantabhadra with his consort Samantabhadri
Samantabhadra Buddha arises from the early Nyingma Tantric literature. He is typically blue to blue-black in color, naked, having Buddha Appearance, with the hands in meditation gesture and the legs in vajra posture. He embraces the consort Samantabhadri. She is white and also naked.
Samantabhadra is also known as the Primordial Buddha, representing the Dharmakaya or ‘truth body of enlightenment’.
Primordial Lord of unchanging light,
Central origin of all mandalas,
Possessing the ocean of knowledge and pristine awareness
Handpainted Tangka with stone ground pigments by Tibetan Artisans from Nepal. This painting is without any ornamental brocade is only the center image of a Tangka,
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